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Lake Fork OPEN

 THE 38th SEMI-ANNUAL TOURNAMENT      March 10, 2018

The 38th semi-annual Lake Fork Open individual tournament will be held March 10, 2018

Plan now to participate.

                        Oak Ridge Marina * 903-878-2529* 2919 W. SH 154

Guaranteed pay-out based on 100 entries:  1st - $1,040, 2nd - $780, 3rd - $520, 4th - $260, 5th - 10th - $100.  Three places paid - 100% payback - for optional big bass pot.  Drawings will be held after weigh-in for door prizes.


                                                     Entry Application

Entry fee of $40 must accompany mailed entry and must be postmarked on or before one week prior to the tournament. Make checks payable toTexas Trails Bassmasters and send to 538 PR 5861, Yantis, TX 75497, or you may pay $45 at tournament headquarters before starting time of tournament.  $10 extra for Big Bass (optional).  Print clearly.

Name________________________________Email___________________TTB Use Only

Address_____________________________________________________ Entry #__________

City____________________________State_____________Zip_________ Entry Fee________

                                                                                                                                        Big Bass________


Having read and understood the tournament rules, by my signature I agree to accept all decisions of the judges as final.  By my signature I waive, release and hold harmless all members, officials and sponsors of any and all alleged liabilities to me and/or my equipment.

Contestant Signature_______________________________________________________

Minor's release: Signed by_______________________________Parent/Guardian


1.  Entry fee is $40.00 - late entry is $45.00.

2.  Early entries must be postmarked by MARCH 3, 2018

3.  All entry fees must be paid before 6 a.m.

4.  Check in time: Friday,  4 p.m. to  9 p.m. and Saturday  4 a.m. to 6 a.m. at Oak Ridge Marina.

5.  To qualify, contestants must check in at tournament headquarters before fishing.

6.  Fishing hours will be 6:00 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. (official clock at sign-in station).  NO FISHING from midnight till start time.

7.  Fishing will be done on Lake Fork only (trailering allowed).

8.  Contestants must fish from a boat.  No bank fishing or leaving the boat to land a fish.  The maximum number of anglers and weight loads must not exceed the stated maximums for that boat.  Everyone in the boat must be entered in the tournament. 

9.  Life jackets must be worn any time their outboard motor is running.

10. All state, federal, and local laws must be obeyed or contestant and fish may be disqualified.  No slot fish may be brought to weigh-in.

11. No one may have more than five (5) fish in their possession at any time.  Only one (1) may be 24" or greater.

12. Largemouth bass 12" to 16" or 24" or greater in length may be weighed.  No fish under 12" or between 16" and 24" will be weighed (or state law limits at the time of the tournament).

13. All fish must be caught on artificial bait by casting.  (No trolling with gas engine).  Pork trailer may be used.

14. Weigh-in starts at 3:00 p.m. (official clock at sign-in).  You must be in the weigh-in line by 3:30 p.m.

15. All fish must be brought to the scales in weigh-in bags.

16. No iced or frozen fish will be weighed.  Ice may be added ONLY to aid in survival of fish.

17. Each contestant will be responsible for weighing his or her own fish.  (No pooling of fish).

18. Dead fish at weigh-in will be penalized 1/2 (.5) pound.  All fish weighed in become the property of Texas Trails Bassmasters and will be released (with the exception of trophy or dead fish).

19. In the event of a tie for any position, prize money for that position and the following position will be combined and evenly divided between the tying contestants.

20. Contestants may not have served as a compensated guide on Lake Fork 30 days prior to this tournament.

21. Contestants may not have fished with a guide on Lake Fork 7 days prior to fishing this TTB tournament.

22. Use of ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES or CONTROLLED DRUGS are prohibited during tournament hours.  Prescription drug use should be declared at sign-in.

23. Anyone who has ever been disqualified for cheating or misconduct from any tournament is ineligible to fish.

24. Any contestant who violates any rule may be disqualified.  Any act of a competitor, verbal or physical, that reflects unfavorably upon Texas Trails Bassmasters effort to promote fishing, conservation, clean waters, courtesy or safety shall be reason for disqualification from this and all future Texas Trails Bassmasters tournaments.

25. Parent or guardian must accompany contestants under 18 years of age.

26. All protests must be registered in writing with the tournament judges within 15 minutes after designated weigh-in time.  All decisions of the tournament judges will be final in all matters.  Anyone protesting the outcome of an Open tournament will have to pay for any additional polygraph test given.

27. All boats must be 8 feet in length or longer.  An aerated live well is recommended to aid in fish survival for live release.  Anglers cannot leave boat to land a fish.

28. All contestants are responsible to have read these rules and must agree to abide by them (by signing the entry form) while competing in this Texas Trails Bassmasters event.

29. Contestants will be subject to polygraph test.  Failure to take and/or pass such a test will result in disqualification.